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Generation X. Generation X are those who were born between 1966-1976. From no technology to highly sophisticated technology, they’ve come a long way. However, they also tend to get overwhelmed by too much digital ‘noise.’ Consider Generation X your highest educated generation (26% have a bachelor’s degree, or higher). Lead them into full-fledged online engagement by education based products, facts or interview-type posts.


Generation X. The baby boomer generation is most responsive to emails, so use it to your advantage! Create an email marketing campaign and grab their attention with three inspiring or informative blog posts a week—sent right to their inbox.

Being the most financial responsible of all generations, hook their loyalty with online deals, home ownership tips, or ‘freebies’ (for example: offer free customization on a product you sell).

Generation Y. Generation Y, otherwise known as the Millennials, dominate on internet. Born between 1977-1994 they are career professionals, many of whom learned in the early 2000’s how to create a website, sell a product and market it to the masses.


Now in their 30’s and 40’s, they are prone to ignoring the typical marketing pitch, and look for compelling content, fine-tuned sales funnels and impeccable images to stay engaged.  They’ve been in the presence of technology since childhood, and crave a variety of digital content, such as ezines, podcasts, and blog posts. Blast them with a variety of marketing content and you’ll keep them engaged and excited for what’s next.

Want to grab hundreds (or thousands) of leads within days and watch your business skyrocket? Give them a free gift (like an ebook or meditation track) in exchange for their email. They want instant gratification now, and they’ll become a loyal customer if you can offer something of high value.

Generation Y. Ah, the millennials. The generation that makes up for over 70 million, and the potential to become your target audience, alone. Sharp, smart and innovative, they are thirsty for more knowledge constantly.

According to The New York Times, over 64% of millennials would rather make less than $45,000 a year doing what they love than make more money, doing something they aren’t inspired by.

Create content that inspires them. Promote a product that will trigger fearlessness in them to do what they love, increase their productivity, or allow them to instantly achieve greater work/life balance. Just make sure it’s 100% ‘you’. Don’t fake your way to building a brand. Speak, write about, or post videos that are in alignment with your vision, and that you’re passionate about. When you’re ‘you’ and your brand is authentic, they’ll beg for more.

Generation Z. There isn’t as much market research for Generation Z, because they’re the ‘babies’ of all generations. Born between 1995-2012, they may grow up to be the most technologically savvy of any generation. Chances are, they will be raised to expect diversity in their classroom (and online learning, such as social media), through interactive learning platforms (live streaming, anyone?). One of the greatest marketing tactics you can use to reach them as they grow up? Interactive webinars, and eCourse platforms.


Generation Z. According to a study done by Forbes. com, Generation Z spends 74% of their time on online store. While they might not be as technologically experienced as Generation Y, they’re on social media constantly—and expect instant contact.

Do you know what generation your audience is composed of? Or, is it a combination X, Y and Z? To know your audience is to compel them to fall in love with your brand. Use the above techniques and see what works best!

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